3 Things to Know About Surge Protection

3 Things to Know About Surge Protection

Learn from a top electrician in Weeki Wachee, Hudson, FL & Surrounding Tampa Areas

You don't want to mess around with the electrical wires in your Weeki Wachee, FL home. It's dangerous and if improperly handled, can cause you harm. Here are three things the talented electricians at E&I Electrical Services want you to know about surge protection:

  1. As their name implies, surge protectors protect your home against power surges.
  2. Surge protectors are not the same as power strips, although they are often confused for one another.
  3. The two biggest causes of power surges are lightning and appliances that demand a lot of electricity, like hair dryers.

Protect your home from power surges ASAP. Reach out to E&I Electrical Services to install your surge protectors.

Protecting people is "Watt" we do

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